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EARL JOHNSON (Stephanie Wright's brother)
Posted on his Facebook page, Friday, November 11, 2011. 

For those who need a little faith today----3 months ago I was sent home from the hospital basically to die--after 35 blood transfusions the Drs. admitted that they could not stop by bleeding,  it stopped one day and they sent me home---the bleeding started back and continued--all of a sudden it stopped and has not returned.  After 2 months I have put back on 40 of the 50 lbs I lost am able to driv...e my car go out to dinner etc. The Drs called me in for a psisostomy(where they basically stick a camera in you) because they could not explain my recovery,  and the progress that I had made. To their surprise they they looked at my cancerous prostate and saw that it had healed itself and dropped my PSA(this how they measure cancer in you) levels from 530 to 35.  They tell me they cant explain it,  I told them I can-----Thankyou JESUS
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