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For the episodes on FEAR click onto the following links below: "Queen Esther" series, Episode 4; "More than Conquerors" series, Episode 5; and "Empowered Through the Holy Spirit" series, Episode 3. 

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These podcasts cover every aspect of life from "A" to "Z" while applying Bible principles to 21st-century living. The presentations are informative and inspirational while weaving in a dash of humor to uplift and encourage listeners. 


CGM celebrated two years of podcasting on June 20, 2022. We have produced 123 episodes, in 9 series, and reached 50 countries and 877 cities worldwide with the gospel. Our website has each series listed by category including: Empowered through Hope; Empowered through Fasting; Jesus Our Living Hope; More Than Conquerers; Ruth and Boaz; Bible Bad Girls Gone Good; Queen Esther; Christmas Podcasts; We are now in Series 9, In the Heart of God.


Apostles Charles and Stephanie Wright are the presenters of this podcast series. To learn more about them click on this website at: Meet the Media Director and the Board of Directors link.




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