Episode 2, "Stuck in the Mud" Subtitle: "Nailed It"

Welcome to the series, “More Than Conquerors,” where we are learning about overcoming and conquering fear. Today we will have a brief review of points learned on how to overcome and conquer fear from Episode 1, "Interview with a Warrior." We witnessed Apostle Charles G. Wright and his transformation into a war hero after overcoming fear on the battlefield. We encourage you to listen to Episode 1, if you have not already done so. Then we will start Episode 2, entitled “Stuck in the Mud” Subtitle: “Nailed It” coming from Judges 4. We will see how another man of war overcame his fear and emerged victorious in battle. His name was Barak who owed his success to God and two women, Judge Deborah and Jael. My name is Stephanie Wright. Let’s get started.



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