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This is the introduction to "Pure Heart, Answered Prayer" Bible Study.


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Introduction: "Pure Heart, Answered Prayer"


I believe, if we want answered prayers, we need a pure heart. So, this week, let's look at, study, and dwell on Psalm 24:3-5: "Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy  place?3  The one who has clean hands and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.4 That one shall receive the blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his salvation."Paraphrased from KJV and CEV.


I believe these verses are clear, we cannot expect to come before God and expect him to answer our prayers unless we have a pure heart. Verse three asks, "Who" shall come before the Lord, and verse four tells us, it will be "the one" with clean hands and a pure heart.  But, more important, verse five tells us, we can expect blessings and God's righteousness if we have a pure heart. 


We will explore in future studies: What is a Pure Heart, How Do I Get and Keep a Pure Heart?, and other pure-heart-answered-prayer topics. For now, ask God through Christ to show you where, if at all, you may not have a "pure heart." Listen and obey what you hear from Him.


Here is one of my personal testimonies from my pure-heart-answered- prayer journey. Please share yours with us.


Personal Testimony


"I recently started a journey to completely surrender to God any and every thought that would interfere with my prayers being answered. This included past thoughts, present thoughts, and if possible future thoughts that may cross my mind. I am convinced God does not hear my prayers when I hold any form of uncleaness in my heart. I decided, to compile testimonies or testaments of how God answers prayers while going through this journey. Here is one testimony from my experience:


"Recently, I was flying from another country back to the United States and had a five-hour layover to catch my next flight. Even though I knew I would not get into the airline lounge reserved for special credit card holders without paying a huge fee, I tried anyway. The attendant told me about an offer they had and if I filled out the application and it was approved, they would let me in. Well, long story short, I did that and voila, I was approved and at the time of this writing, am sitting in the airline lounge.


"What happened when I left the lounge, caught me by total surprise, but let me know, I had really begun this 'pure heart' journey. After leaving the airline lounge and walking to my next flight, I ran into a former associate who had allegedly sabotaged the career of a close friend and guess what, I greeted this person cordially and had not one ounce of bitterness toward them."


There are more testimonies. I would again encourage you to start a journal and record how God answers your prayers if you decide to travel with us on this "Pure Heart, Answered Prayer" journey.

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